About Us

As the current owner of a 1957 B85, and past owner of a couple other B-Models, I always wonder how many are left, where they are, and what condition they're in.  


My goal is to provide a spot where we can keep a list of B-Models still out there, as well as other collectible Macks, like Ls, R's, RWs, etc., that are of interest to collectors or buffs.

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Please see the next page for the updated list and a truck info form to fill in if you'd like to add your truck.

PLEASE encourage anyone you know with a B-Model to send in their info, and if you see one in the wild and are up for getting the S/N, some basic info about the truck, and a pic, I'll gladly post that......

A note of thanks to Dallas Fabian/Tom Gannaway, creators of the original list that this drew from, and Barry Umberger who hosted it for years on oldmacksrus.com